Welcome to GBM Europe

Ernst and Sonja Haenni

If you live in any of the nations of Europe, then we would love to meet you.

Some years ago a branch of GBM was created here in Switzerland where we live. At that time the ministry was called Global Ministry Resource Network, and a church was formed that became a model of what a true church should look like.

We met Les and Daphne via that ministry, and immediately felt that they had what we were looking for. And although the church later did not continue under Apostle Les, we knew that the Lord wanted us to be with him.

So when Global Business Ministries International was formed, we became a part of the founding leadership. And now we stand ready to embrace all who wish to become part of this in the huge region known as Europe.

Though we are naturally German Speaking, which is the main language of Switzerland, we would like to reach out to everyone in Europe who can also speak English.

Although each nation often has its own main language, the English language has become universal and most folks in the countries of that region are able to understand and speak some English.

Of course, if there are sufficient folks who join us that only speak German, and wish to receive ministry in our native tongue, we are certainly ready to also establish a ministry exclusively in the German language.

However, we are using the many teaching materials produced by GBMI largely via Apostle Les and these are all in English. So it would be easier if you could understand the teachings given originally, than it would be for us to retranslate all of these into German, which would be a huge task.

So please bear with us for now, and do your best to translate the materials into German. Google will translate these pages for you, and although we know this is not always accurate, it will at least give you an idea of what we are doing and offering.

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