About Us

Some years ago when Les and Daphne first began to minister in Mexico, the Lord brought them contacts from the nation of Switzerland. This led to an intensive ministry in that country. And the first ever local church based on the new pattern revealed to Apostle Les was established.

This led to many trips and conferences in Switzerland, where they met some wonderful people who would later continue to work with them more closely.

Although in time the leaders of that church made a decision to move off on their own, there were some from that church that fully embraced all that they had received. Amongst those was Apostle Nadine Stohler, who today leads the Training Division of Global Business Ministries.

Ernst Haenni

There was also a couple by the name of Ernst and Sonja Haenni who fully embraced all that Les and Daphne had to offer. They became spiritual children of Les and Daphne and became a stronghold of support that has kept this ministry going even in difficult times.

Now, having received all that was available to them, they stand ready to spread the truths that they have learned in Europe, starting from their nation of Switzerland.

Ernst has a loving Pastoral heart, but he also stands in full Apostolic Office, having received training and impartation from his apostolic father. He has a good ministry in both the Spirit and the Word and has in the past successfully mentored and trained many who now function as leaders in the Body of Christ.

Sonja has also been through all of the trainings offered by GBMI and is a leader in her own right. Having successfully homeschooled her children and prepared them for the future, she stands ready to work with those spiritual children that the Lord brings her.

Having a strong prophetic orientation as well as a good teaching ministry, Sonja stands at the side of her husband as part of a powerful team that is destined to impact the whole of Europe, and build the Church of God.